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About us

Yes Pizza opened its doors in May 2020 offering a stunning point of difference to the Australian pizza market. Our signature touch on an industry of tradition has escalated Yes Pizza into the dominating pizza company into which it has evolved. Decorated with bright and colourful interior and exterior signage, the business conveys a warm, cosy and fun culture as well as being family-friendly with a relaxed tone.


With a keen eye on quality and innovation, Yes Pizza compliments the industry by presenting authentic gourmet pizza to the Australian market. Our business is defined by our passionate culture and our burning desire to procure the freshest, finest and locally-sourced ingredients, which are selectively hand-picked from the local markets.




Satisfying our customers' hunger and desire for the freshest and most succulent pizza, at the same time as treating every customer like part of the Yes Pizza family.
Engaging with local community to show our appreciation of their support.


Expanding our presence to achieve our mission on a grater scale. 

Why choose a Yes Pizza franchise?

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Unique and proven concept

Yes Pizza pioneers creativity in both, meals and deals. Our unique style and tantalising flavour combinations are second-to-none. Despite having opened in the midst of a global economic crisis, we nevertheless successfully pioneered through every day with utter determination to be the best.


Initial and on-going support

Initial and on-going marketing and operational support is provided. We will ensure that you are ready to be on your way well before you commence your own journey, and will always be there to make sure that you stay ahead of the game.


Psychologically-selected colour scheme

Our brilliantly selected colour scheme portrays a high-degree of elegance and excellency. The colour ‘red’ is known for encouraging appetite; black represents “authority, power, stability, confidence, and strength” and white represents “cleanliness, purity, and safety”. We are the only pizza shop that we have yet witnessed with a completely red exterior, therefore significantly increasing one’s appetite.


Easy to remember; hard to forget

Our logo is both recognisable and unforgettable and the name “Yes Pizza” rolls off the tongue. The brand as a whole is ideal for franchising.


Be your own boss

Operate your own business with the support, training and mentoring of our expert Yes Pizza team. There is not a single aspect of the Yes Pizza Business Model that you cannot master with our expert training and business support.



Custom-built, state-of-the-art online ordering platform and mobile app with QR code. We are incessantly developing our software and progressing to new levels of industry leadership, encouraging customer retention and influencing direct ordering as opposed to ordering on third-party platforms.


Benefits of Yes Pizza Franchise

Store Design

Significant thought and planning went into the layout, structure and appearance of Yes Pizza stores. Our signature red building appearance is attributed to our desire to encourage hunger in all pedestrians and motorists as they pass by, as well as catching their eye. When you enter a Yes Pizza store, you are presented with a huge, brightly-backlit signboard spanning from wall to wall above a custom-built display fridge stretching from one side of the store to the other and impressively displaying the ingredients in an elegantly-clean manner.

Marble Surface

Our Brand

(Which values define us?)

Yes Pizza is defined by the following values; values which underpin our company’s foundation and result in high customer retention. Prospective Franchise Partners who share our values and convey a strong desire to deliver our exceptional product professionally and successfully, will likely be invited to join the Yes Pizza family.




Dedication across all aspects of the business from presenting the utmost quality food, to customer service, to engaging with the local community and even proposing marketing ideas for the company. If you desire success, and couple such desire with faith and persistence, you will only excel in your new business!



We consider ourselves a family. Our comprehensive training program and dedicated lifetime support are only a couple of the distinguishing factors attractive to any prospective Franchise Partner. We will go to great lengths to mentor you in your journey and witness you soar with the Yes Pizza Business Model. Support is much more than us merely supporting you on your journey; we see support as extending to supporting your team at work to ‘get the job done’ with the highest level of efficiency, efficacy and productivity.



We are committed to serving our community – each store’s local community, as well as the greater community as a whole. This is where you come in. Collectively, we will strive to deliver exceptional customer service and the finest authentic flavours to the complete satisfaction of all of our customers. With limitless boundaries, we entice the greater community to believe in what Yes Pizza stands for.

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Become a Yes Pizza Franchise Partner

We're currently expanding and looking for Franchise Partners nationwide. 

Each franchise includes:

A franchise territory offering fantastic growth potential;

Comprehensive initial and ongoing training to ensure your comfort with every aspect of your new business, as well as dedicated support in all business areas;

Use of the Yes Pizza brand;

Fulfilling & exciting career in the hospitality industry; and

Social media and website marketing provided by the Yes Pizza company.

Expression of Interest

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